Moblissa mother and son bled to death

Post-mortem examinations done yesterday on Molly James and her son, Aaron James revealed that they died as a result of haemorrhaging and shock due to multiple stab wounds.

The suspect, the woman’s 17-year-old stepbrother Orin James, has since been arrested and is expected to be charged shortly.

Ignatius James, the woman’s father said that they are now in the process of making plans and have since sought assistance from the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs to pay for the funeral. He added that the ministry said it was willing to assist them but they will have to provide the birth certificates and identification cards first. He added that the two are expected to be buried on Thursday.

Molly James, 34, was chopped then stabbed to death by her 17-year-old step-brother at her Moblissa, Soesdyke-Linden Highway home in the wee hours of Saturday. The teenager also fatally chopped James’ son Aaron James, 15, who died while awaiting transportation to take him for medical help. The killer then fled. James had been warned about a death threat by her stepbrother but dismissed it, as according to neighbours, no one believed that the 17-year-old would have made good on his words.

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