Taxi driver loses kidney after car wash shooting

Taxi driver Fenton Duncan, shot by bandits on Tuesday during an armed attack on a city car wash, has lost a kidney.

Duncan is now in stable condition and recuperating at Georgetown Public Hospital, where he underwent a surgery.

Duncan, 48, of Roxanne Burnham Gardens was shot to the abdomen in the attack while trying to use his licensed firearm to defend himself when the attack occurred at the Mandela Avenue car wash. The bandits stole his jewellery and gun. A woman identified by police as Sherry Ramroop, 38, of Eccles, East Bank Demerara, was also robbed during the attack.

Duncan told Stabroek News yesterday that he and a friend were at the “Black Chinese” car wash, washing their cars, when the robbery took place. “I was washing my car and another friend was washing their car too. This guy just come up and he pull out his gun… He   took my jewellery off of me, and when he turn and go to her, well I does carry a licensed firearm, so I took out my own and tried to put the bullet in… and while I trying to do it, he had the option and turn and see me and fire a shot and my gun fall on the ground and he snatch it and he run out…,” Duncan recounted.

The man also told this newspaper, that he would be able to identify his attacker if he ever sees him again.
Despite the turn of events, Duncan was grateful for a successful surgery.
Police are still conducting investigations into the robbery.

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