Accused in red-handed robbery claims he was paid to move stolen goods

Clive Bobb, allegedly caught red-handed with over $200,000 in stolen goods, yesterday told a city magistrate that he had been hired to transport the items.

But Bobb’s defence and the fact that he had no fixed address apparently inspired little confidence in Magistrate Ann McLennan, who denied him bail and remanded him to prison when he appeared before her yesterday at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.

It is alleged that the 42-year-old Buxton, East Coast Demerara resident stole a quantity of household items, valued $211,450 in total, between December 1 and December 3 at East Street. The items, reportedly stolen from a mobile food caravan, included a quantity of cutlery valued $50,000, two gas cylinders valued $19,250, two stainless steel pots valued $22,000 and a packet of plastic spoons valued $1,000.

After the charge was read out to him by Magistrate McLennan, Bobb pleaded not guilty. Bobb, who stated that he fetched baggage at people’s requests, said that he was approached by a man who requested that he pick up two boxes of wares. Bobb said that he then went with his bicycle to uplift the items. However, on his way back he was picked up by police officers who accused him of stealing the items.

He further stated that he was taken to a stand and given the gas cylinders along with other items. He was then carried to the Alberttown Police Station, he said. Bobb also said that he was beaten by police officers with a gas cylinder hose.

But according to prosecutor Deniro Jones, the virtual complainant, Dean McRae, secured the caravan and went away.

When he returned, he found the caravan open and the items missing. Jones further stated that the majority of the items were found in the presence of McRae.

He also stated that Bobb was caught red-handed and had admitted to taking the items.

Prosecutor Jones objected to bail based on the fact that the defendant had no fixed place of abode.

Bobb was remanded to prison and is to return to court on January 13, when the case will be called for further reports and fixtures.

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