Georgetown hospital receives US$10,000 donation of urology equipment

The Organisation for Social and Health Advancement for Guyana and the Caribbean (OSHAG/C) on Tuesday donated equipment valued US$10,000 to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation’s urology department.

OSHAG/C Urologist Surgeon, Dr Winston Mc Gill made the presentation to Registered Urologist, Chris Prashad who received it on behalf of the GPHC in the company of the hospital’s CEO Michael Khan.

According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) press release, GPHC’s urology department is one of the largest at the hospital.

The donation included scopes which will be used to address ailments such as bladder tumours and prostate diseases. The batch of equipment is expected to boost the delivery of services offered at the urology clinic since endoscopic equipment usually have a specified lifespan and should be replaced after the expiry date. Dr Prashad expressed gratitude to the OSHAG/C on behalf of the hospital.

“We are always appreciative of whatever support can be given to us and in this case Dr. Mc Gill and his team have offered such….I would like to thank Dr Mc Gill and his team for a very timely and valuable contribution which will surely benefit our patients,” he said.

In response, Dr McGill said the donation was just the beginning of many initiatives the organisation intends to venture into with regard to strengthening healthcare delivery.

Over the last six years OSHAG/C has played a tremendous role in  assisting persons who have been diagnosed with a variety of diseases specifically cancer and HIV/AIDS. The group has also successfully hosted two consecutive health conferences for Guyanese medical professionals.



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