Noisy neighbour fined

East La Penitence resident Serena Fraser was yesterday fined a total of $35,000 after she was found guilty of noise nuisance and abusive language charges.

If Fraser fails to pay the fines imposed by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry, she faces up to six months in prison.

Fraser was charged with the offences on November 8, at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. It was alleged that on November 3rd, 2013, at East La Penitence Squatting Area, Fraser played music at her home in a loud continuous manner, which annoyed her neighbour, Delmar Wallis.

It was also alleged that Wallis went over to Fraser’s house to address the issue and Fraser subsequently returned the visit, during which she used a series of expletives to address her neighbour.

The matter was subsequently reported and Fraser was arrested and charged.

At the end of her trial yesterday, the Chief Magistrate found Fraser guilty and fined her $20,000 or three months imprisonment for using abusive language and $15,000 or three months imprisonment for the noise nuisance.

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