Rohee urges IMC for Georgetown

The PPP is of the opinion that an Interim-Manage-ment Committee (IMC) should be installed in Georgetown given that the Mayor and Councillors have consistently failed in their mandate.

PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee said yesterday morning that Mayor Hamilton Green and his councillors are to blame   for the deplorable state Georgetown is in. Aside from being unable to provide basic services, he said, Green and the municipality’s councillors have been “dabbling in petty politics.”

He pointed to the criticisms levelled, and the positions taken by councillors and the Mayor against recently confirmed Town Clark Carol Sooba, arguing that such time and effort should have been geared towards ensuring that he municipality’s mandate is satisfied.

Rohee said Green has demonstrated ineffective leadership which has led to a plethora of inconveniences for the people of the Georgetown Munici-pality. Such inconveniences include consistent flooding as a result of cluttered drains and gutters, and frequent traffic congestion. These and other occurrences are almost religious, Rohee told reporters yesterday, and added that the M&CC clearly lacks a plan to deal with the situation.

He said government has had to come to the aid of the municipality on several occasions to pick up garbage, maintain roads, and to buy pumps. But, even these initiatives were outside of a comprehensive plan.

So, the M&CC should resign, Rohee said, to make way for an IMC which would better manage the city. Such a move, he stated, would have the full support of the PPP, and he said that he is sure that the people of Georgetown would also support this development.

Several Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) have been replaced by the government with IMCs in the last few years. Where municipalities are concerned, only the Anna Regina municipality is currently being run by an IMC, following the retirement of its last Mayor.

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