Transplant failure patient, mom back in India

Satish Gobin and his mother Shureen Ragbeer are currently in India where he is awaiting a renal transplant.

In July, Ragbeer had indicated that her son needed a second operation, since there were signs that his body was rejecting the kidney he previously received.

An uncle of the young man told Stabroek News that Ragbeer and her son had left for India about three weeks ago. He added that when he spoke to his sister on Thursday last, she informed him that Gobin had not yet received a kidney transplant but rather renal biopsy tests were being done.

The full sum of US$25,000 was not received by the family and as a result they were forced to forego hotel accommodations, according to the uncle.

It is unsure when Gobin and his mother will return or what the results will be but the family thanked everyone who rendered assistance to help save his life.

Gobin was diagnosed with chronic renal failure in 2010; he was 19 years old.

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