Survival workers accused of stealing from supermarket

Two Survival Supermarket employees and their alleged accomplice were yesterday remanded to prison after being charged with stealing from the business.

Driver Marlon Dolphin, 26, of 286 Beverly Close, South Ruimveldt Gardens and porter Joseph Griffith, 28, of 25 D’Urban Street and their allegedly accomplice Lassell Duke, 18, of 59 D’Urban Street, Lodge, were arraigned on a simple larceny charge at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.

It was alleged that on November 25, 2013, they stole $223,970, which was the property of Survival Supermarket. They each pleaded not guilty.

It is the police’s case that on November 25 at Alberttown, Duke stole $223,970, the property of Survival Supermarket. The police also allege that on the same date, at Third and Light streets, Georgetown, Dolphin and Griffith, being servants or clerks of the city supermarket, stole $223,970, the property of Survival Supermarket.

Patrice Henry, Duke’s lawyer, petitioned for reasonable bail, saying that his client has no pending matters before the courts. However, bail was denied by Magistrate Faith McGusty after objections from Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt, who noted the penalty attached, the prevalence of the crime, the quantum involved in the case and his concerns that the defendants may not attend court if released. Hunt further stated that Duke has a pending matter in the courts and gave a written confession to the police. In Griffith’s case, he objected on the grounds that Griffith gave an oral confession to the police.

As a result bail was denied and the case was adjourned until December 19.

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