Jamaica police sergeant shot dead

(Jamaica Gleaner) A police sergeant attached to the Protective Services Division was Monday evening shot dead in Harbour View, East Kingston as he arrived home.

The Police Commissioner Owen Ellington says detective sergeant Courtney Simpson was ambushed and shot multiple times by armed criminals as he entered his home shortly after 8 p.m.

Neighbours rushed him to the Kingston Public Hospital where he died less than an hour later.

According to the Commissioner, attacks on past and serving police personnel are becoming too frequent.

“More alarmingly these attacks by armed criminals are occurring at home, signaling a trend which must be appreciated by all our members and firmly pushed back,” Ellington said.

“Those who carried out this brutal and cowardly act of murder on our colleague must know that they have drawn the attention of a bold courageous and determined body of brave people who will leave no stone unturned to find and bring them to justice.”

Ellington urged investigators to pursue the matter with determination and focused attention.

He also reminded police personnel to heighten their alertness for criminals who will strike at anytime.

“Be assured of the full backing of the Police High Command and from me personally whenever you act swiftly and with precision in thwarting any violent attack upon your person, whether on the job or off duty. We have seen enough of these violent criminal attacks on our own, to understand that the evil forces have declared war on us,” he said.

The National Security Minister Peter Bunting has also condemned the killing.

“It is tragic when the life of any citizen is snuffed out at the hands of criminals, but for a policeman who has served his country selflessly for over 20 years, to be brutally murdered at his home and in the presence of his family is especially heartrending,” said Bunting.

The Minister also noted that Sergeant Simpson has served parliamentarians and government officials, including former Health Minister, John Junor, Transport and Works Minister Omar Davies and most recently State Minister, Julian Robinson.

“In his over 20 years of service to the Force, Sergeant Simpson demonstrated commitment and a high level of professionalism. His service and duty to country must be rewarded with our vow never to allow criminals to find safe haven amongst us,” Bunting said.


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