Contractor among three shot dead in Jamaica

(Jamaica Observer) A businessman was among three men shot dead during a brazen mid-morning gunfight along Lynford Avenue in the Lyndhurst Road area of Kingston 10 yesterday.

The businessman was last night identified as 48-year-old Adolf Campbell, a Jamaica Public Service (JPS) contractor, while his employee is Michael Francis.

Up to press time last night the gunman was unidentified. Police believe he was killed by Campbell, a licensed firearm holder, during the gunfight.

Onlookers at the scene told the Jamaica Observer that about 9:00 am Campbell and one of his employees were at his businessplace when they were surprised by armed men, who opened fire at them. During the gunfight, the businessman and his employee were hit, while one of the gunmen was taken out by Campbell who fought hard for his life.

While their crony lay dead, three of the gunmen tried to escape but were captured when their motor car was intercepted by the St Andrew Central police on Molynes Road, approximately 20 minutes after the gunfight.

The three were, up to last night, being interrogated by homicide investigators.

“Three guns, including the gun of the businessman, were seized by the St Andrew Central police along with several rounds of ammunition,” Police Commissioner Owen Ellington Ellington told the Jamaica Observer at the scene.

Yesterday, persons employed by the businessman were in shock as they mourned his loss and that of their co-worker.

“All now I can’t believe that them kill him like that; he was a man who tried to help people in the area; it is really sad,” one woman said of Campbell.

Ellington assured relatives and friends of the victims that the police would carry out a thorough investigation into the murders.

In the meantime, the police chief last night showered praises on his officers for their quick action and professionalism in apprehending the three gunmen.

“Your attention to duty, swift and courageous response resulted in the early apprehension of the criminals involved in the double murder and robbery committed on Lynford Avenue,” Commissioner Ellington said in a statement.

“Your speedy response has contributed immensely to the significant progress made in the investigation so far,” Ellington added as he pointed to the recovery of the firearms, seizure of the getaway car and capture of the three gunmen.

The commissioner, meanwhile, encouraged his men and women to continue with the quick apprehension of criminals, seizure of material evidence, weapons and drugs and put pressure on criminal gangs to reduce serious crimes, especially murders, in support of the strategic priorities of the constabulary.


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