Largest pig farm in T&T told to close over pollution

(Trinidad Express) The largest pig farm in the Caribbean, located in south Trinidad, has been given notice to shut down its operations by June 2014.

Shiraz Khan, president of the Trinidad United Farmers’ Association (TUFA), said the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) has instructed the farmer to close his business.

“The farmer does not want to be identified as yet because he is looking at his legal options. Any large livestock farm will have a level of pollution. The EMA never tried to assist this pig farmer. The EMA without trying to assist this farmer went ahead and tried to put a closure to this farm. This is one of the largest pig farms in the Caribbean, with excellent genetic stock and proper artificial insemination factory,” he said.

Khan said dozens of people are employed at the farm. And he expressed concern that a large percentage of the local pork being consumed would have to be imported.

“Isn’t that what the Green Fund is here for? The EMA, UTT (University of Trinidad and Tobago) and UWI (The University of the West Indies) all have access to the Green Fund. Can’t they assist this farmer with reducing pollution? Instead this model of a farm has to be closed because they see it necessary not to do their job,” he said.

Khan appealed to Minister of Food Production Devant Maharaj to assist the farmer.

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