Suriname public works minister resigns

(De Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO –It seems that Minister Ramon Abrahams of Public Works may have lost his magic when he resigned yesterday. Although he has had some successes, Abraham was a big failure in many other fields and could not live up to the expectations the Bouterse-Ameerali administration had created. Works on the Waterkant, Paramaribo’s promenade to which the entire nation is emotionally attached, cannot seem to be completed. The site is so important for tourism, that Abrahams diverted funds intended for the construction of a dike in Commewijne to the project. The uncertainty of the Commewijne project caused a political dispute with District Commissioner Ingrid Karta-Bink and major concerns among Commewijne residents. The OW Minister has much more to answer for. In the three years at the helm Abrahams could not present a vision on development of the city. He limited himself to repairing roads and placing speed bumps. Traffic safety did not improve and the number of fatal traffic accidents kept rising. The cancelled bridge at Carolina and the plans for the bridge across the Corantijn River were major debacles, which foiled what could have been President Bouterse’s most ambitious projects. Abrahams had no clean image too. He was barely in office when he ordered the renovation of his office, awarding the contract to his son-in-law. Pimping his car drew heavy criticism from the opposition. A firm owned by him and his children was allowed to supply OW with ICT products, while his daughter got part of the contract for renovation of the presidential palace.
The fact that the sympathetic Ginmardo Kromosoeto had to leave office was a bigger surprise. He was considered one of the best Ministers on Zonal Planning since the Ministry was officially created in 2005. But it have been land distribution issues that cost him his job. Former Minister Michael Jong Tjien Fa (Pertjajah Luhur) created the first mess, and none of his successors have been able to do better. Kromosoeto is the latest victim of this politically laden job.
Kromosoeto created a lot of enemies even in his own political circles. He refused to issue land to friend and sympathizers and his advice that they should follow normal procedure set some bad blood. Pressured by his political party, he has no other choice than to resign. Political scientist Hans Breeveld is at a loss about the real reason why Kromosoeto had to go. He is certain of one thing: the Bouterse administration lacks transparency. Former Minister of Finance Wonnie Boedhoe’s resignation was never explained to the nation. The scientist is not content with the fact that the public is not informed about important changes in the cabinet through official government channels, but instead this job is left to private media. Bouterse should inform the public on what is going on, especially since he has promised to fight corruption.-.

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