Three shot at Port of Spain General Hospital

(Trinidad Express) Police scrambled to the Port of Spain General Hospital this afternoon after three persons, among them a nurse, were shot.

Initial reports are that at around 2 p.m, the nurse was walking past the
food court located on the hospital compound, when she was grabbed
by a man who used her as a human shield against a gunman who
was pointing a gun.

Nurse Alexis Bhagan, 30, was shot along with the man who was hiding behind her. A second woman, said to be a janitor at a secondary school in east Trinidad, was also shot. Bhagan was shot in the face and transferred to the St Clair Medical Centre for a CT scan to be performed to determine the extent of her head injuries.

The suspect escaped. The area where the attack happened is manned by hospital security guards. However, the shooting incident was over within seconds, and there was no time for the guards to react, the Express was told.

Hospital workers noted that there were no CCTV cameras set up near the area of the attack.


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