Foreigners to testify in T&T human trafficking case

(Trinidad Express) Three foreigners are among 18 State witnesses to give evidence in the human trafficking case against Police Constable Valentine Eastman.

In the first-ever case of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago, Eastman, 52, is facing ten charges linked to allegations of exploitation and prostitution.

State attorney Trevor Jones has been appointed in the case.

Yesterday was his first appearance in the matter being heard by Deputy Chief Magistrate Mark Wellington in the San Fernando First Magistrates’ Court.

Jones disclosed that the case will be proceeding by way of paper committal. Recorded statements from prosecution witnesses will be entered into evidence and the defence will select witnesses to give oral evidence. Jones said these statements were yet to be filed.

He said that three of the State witnesses were “not Trinidadian nationals”.

Jones said the Colombian Embassy requested that witnesses return to Trinidad when the enquiry begins.

Eastman, of Princes Town, was charged by Constable Ramlogan in relation to allegedly carrying women to a place in Vistabella, San Fernando between March 3 and March 25 of this year for the purpose of exploitation and prostitution.

Eastman, who has 25 years’ service as a police officer, was denied bail at his first court appearance. He was subsequently placed on $350,000 bail with the condition that he report to Princes Town Police Station four times a week.

He is being represented by attorney Subhas Panday.

The matter was adjourned to September 9.


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