Missing T&T hiker found alive after seven days

(Trinidad Express) Missing Princes Town mother of three Bissoondaye Geeta Seenath turned up on Saturday shortly before around 3 p.m. at the home of a resident near the Rio Seco Waterfall in Toco near where she vanished a week ago.

Bissoondaye  Geeta Seenath
Geeta Seenath

Seenath, 46, of Chappel Street, told her family she had lost her way while walking along a trail from the waterfall.

She was heading back to a beach in Salybia to rejoin others she had come with.

A search party of police, soldiers, sniffer dogs, villagers, friends and the family of Seenath, together with aerial support of helicopters, combed through miles of forested terrain from the time Seenath went missing shortly after 4.30 p.m. last Saturday, but found no trace of her.

Councillor for Toco/Fishing Pond Terry Rondon said he was contacted around 3 p.m. and was told the missing woman was found about five miles along the Matura/Salybia Road.

“The villager said ‘she is here, Geeta is here’. I went there and met Geeta. She was very dehydrated. She had a dislocated shoulder and was very sick. She said she saw the helicopters but no signs of people. I called the Matura police. It was a sign of relief for everyone,” said Rondon.

“She looked very frail. We gave her blankets, water and a Lucozade (energy drink). She was very hungry,” the councillor added.

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