Trouble mounting for Guyanese cardiologist in Barbados

(Barbados Nation) Dr Alfred Sparman’s problems may be mounting.

Now the Caribbean Cardiac Society (CCS) is saying he could be struck off its membership if he is not registered here as a cardiologist.

What’s more, CCS president Dr Ronald Henry termed Sparman’s claim to be a fellow of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) “an anomaly” that needed to be resolved.

Speaking from Trinidad, Henry said when a member territory had a list of registered specialists, the person applying to join their ranks must be on that list.

Sparman’s standing as a cardiologist came into question last week after a leaked copy of the still unpublished list of registered specialists, as at April 30, revealed his name was not on it. However, his name was on the list of registered medical practitioners.

This means if the lists are published in the Official Gazette as the Medical Professions Act 2011 section 16, 4 (a) stipulates they should have been on April 30, Sparman would be able to continue in general practice, but would be in breach of the new act if he worked as a cardiologist, given that he is not on the specialists list.

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