Guyanese jailed for fraud in T&T

(Trinidad Express) Guyanese national Chadwick McGarrell was jailed for nine months on Wednesday after pleading guilty to two charges of fraud—uttering and possession of fraudulent documents.

McGarrell was arrested on June 17 after he went to the Immigration Office to request an extension of his time in Trinidad.

Upon checking his documents, immigration officers noticed that his last “extension” stamp was fraudulent.

Checks confirmed that he was at the time in Trinidad illegally.

McGarrell arrived January 18 and was allowed to stay until April 17.

Before Magistrate Marissa Gomez, McGarrell said his boss told him he would “handle” his first extension.

McGarrell apologised to the magistrate, saying he wanted to legalise himself, adding he did not know about the illegal act supposedly committed by his boss.

Gomez sentenced McGarrell to nine months each on both offences, but ordered that the sentences run concurrently.

His passport was ordered to be returned to the Ministry of National Security.

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