Former US embassy security chief in Jamaica jailed for one year

(Jamaica Gleaner) The former security chief at the United States Embassy in Kingston, David Rainsberger, who admitted to accepting bribes from a Jamaican entertainer, was yesterday sentenced to one year in prison.

Rainsberger pleaded guilty to charges of receiving unlawful gratuities and making false statements to US authorities.

The sentence was handed down by United States District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee in a federal court in Virginia yesterday.

The judge also ordered the former US Embassy security chief to serve one year of supervised release.

According to court records, Rainsberger befriended a well-known Jamaican musician whose entry to the US had been barred because of allegations of criminal conduct.

The entertainer is only identified only as DB.

The court records also say Rainsberger’s investigation of the Jamaican entertainer resulted in the reinstatement of his visa, which allowed the artiste to travel to the US to take advantage of lucrative performance and recording opportunities.

And it also says Rainsberger also repeatedly accessed, without authority, Department of State visa and passport databases for personal purposes.

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