Ganja, guns, ammo seized by cops in T&T

(Trinidad Express) Officers of the North Eastern Division Task Force on Sunday seized $2.67 million worth in marijuana.

The drugs were found packaged in brown tape and described as “high grade” marijuana.

The drugs which weighed a total of 170 kilogrammes are said to be Arizona, Jamaican and St Vincent grade of marijuana with the Arizona fetching at least $12,000 per pound, police said.

Police also recovered a MP 40 9mm machine gun with six rounds of ammunition and a .38 revolver with four rounds of ammunition.

The drugs arms and ammunition were found in some bushes off Pipiol Road, Upper Santa Cruz. Head of the task force, Snr Supt Christopher Lewis commended the officers for their hard work.

Inspector Roger Alexander told the Express that the exercise was done with the assistance of the villagers and asked them to continue to assist the police in eradicating the ills of their community. He said guns and drugs are the fuel for most of the gruesome killings in the country.

Sergeant Cornelius Samuel and Corporal Sunil Bharath were also involved in the seizure.

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