Suspected drug trafficker killed by T&T police

(Trinidad Express) ONE man was killed and another shot by police during an alleged gunfight with suspected drug traffickers on the North Coast Road, Diego Martin early today.Police said they recovered 21 crocus bag containing marijuana that was being loaded onto a Toyota Hilux vehicle.The marijuana is believed to have originated in St Vincent.Also seized was a Taurus handgun, and eight rounds of ammunition.Four men were arrested, and police have asked that medicalinstitutions report all gunshot injuries.Senior Superintendent Ishmael Davis told members of the mediainvited to the West End Police Station that acting on a tip, officers wentto the North Coast Road at around 12.45a.m.

When police arrived at the scene, they found the men loading thebags. The men ran into the bushes and were pursued by officers.The Express was told that there was an exchange of gunfire andthe officers retreated.Law enforcement returned to the area at 5.30a.m. and enteredthe forested area, where they were again met by gunfire.Police said they returned fire, and killed one man, identified as Marlon Reyes, alias Moon, of Bagatelle Road, Diego Martin.The second man was wounded and is under police guard at the Port of Spain General Hospital. Four men, aged 21 to 27 are in custody.The marijuana has not yet been weighed.A Jamaican passport was discovered at scene. Inspectors Kevin Beckles and Henry Dann, were involved in the exercise.

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