Barbados may reduce scholarships to cut costs

(Barbados Nation) THERE MAY SOON BE fewer national scholarships available to students as the Barbados Government looks to cut costs.

Minister of Education Ronald Jones has disclosed that consideration is being given to reducing the number of National Development Scholarships awarded every year, while the DAILY NATION understands changes have also been made to the criteria for Barbados Scholarships.

Speaking at a Democratic Labour Party St George South branch meeting on Sunday at Greens Pavilion, Drax Hall, Jones said the number of National Development Scholarships – given to candidates pursuing courses considered critical for national development – could be reduced significantly.

“We [usually] give 10 to 11. Last year was the first year we gave double that amount but we might have to reduce it to maybe six or five to manage overall expenditures. There used to be two or three at one time and we went as high as 23 but we now have to look at how we manage those things,” he said.

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