Elderly Manchester man charged with shooting wife, mowing down pedestrian

MANCHESTER, Jamaica (Observer) — Sixty-eight-year-old Eugene Rhodes who allegedly shot his wife at their Knowles Crescent home on Friday, October 11, has been charged.
Rhodes was charged with shooting with intent, wounding with intent and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

He will also have to answer to the charge of vehicular manslaughter as he allegedly mowed down and killed a pedestrian while fleeing the scene of the shooting.

Residents say the deceased, Herbert Samuels, 72, was accustomed to doing his morning walk on the road.

Rhodes wife Lilla, 75, is still in hospital nursing injuries.

The Constabulary Communication Network (CCN) reported that the couple was having marital problems.

According to the police, Friday morning while the wife was exiting the kitchen about 5 am, the husband reportedly confronted her with a gun and fired shots at her.

She reportedly ran, jumped a fence, and was assisted by a neighbour who called the police.

Rhodes, whom it is said was a pastor overseas, will make his first appearance for this particular case in the Mandeville Resident Magistrates’ Court tomorrow.

He reportedly has two previous cases in court — a restraining order by his wife for them to stay in separate sections of the house and a wounding incident involving another partner.

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