Bajan Finance Minister not apologizing over remark

(Barbados Nation) Chris Sinckler is not apologizing.

The Minister of Finance has been pilloried over his comment that Barbadians are now only left to see Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley “strip naked and run down Broad Street in her attempt to get attention”. He said last night that his comment did not target a gender, that worse had been said about his colleagues, and that he had shown Mottley more love than anyone in Barbados.

“I made one comment that was not even gender specific, had nothing at all to do with women. In fact I ask the question tonight: if Owen Arthur was Leader of the Opposition and I had made that comment, who would have risen up in righteous indignation and say I was abusive to men? Not a fella! The comment is not abusive.

“Worse things have been said about Miss Mottley by other people in Barbados,” he told party faithful at the St Michael North West branch meeting at the old St Stephen’s Primary School.

“In fact, I have shown her more love in Barbados than anybody. So when they open their mouth and talk rubbish, when they kicked her out as Leader of the Opposition and she came to me crying, I gave her a shoulder to cry on . . . but all of sudden I am the worst person in the world,” he added

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