AA plane out of T&T in emergency landing

(Trinidad Express) An American Airlines flight out of Piarco International Airport was forced to make an emergency landing in Turks and Caicos Islands yesterday, after the pilots detected smoke in the cockpit.

Several regional news agencies reported that the Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority confirmed that they had received a distress call from AA Flight 757, during which the pilots requested clearance for landing.

The flight, which was full and left Trinidad bound for Miami, Florida, landed safely at Providenciales International Airport around 10.30 a.m.

The emergency landing brought out rapid responses from both the aviation and  domestic fire services, with the emergency medical services in tow.

It also appeared that after landing, something had leaked or fallen from the plane, as fire-fighters were seen hosing away substances from a section of the runway where the craft had come to a stop.

The plane was later towed away to the airport’s gate, where the passengers disembarked.

Alternative flight arrangements were made for the diverted passengers.

Up to yesterday, arrangements were being made for American Airlines engineers to be flown to Turks and Caicos to inspect the plane.


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