UK visitor riled after Vincentian girlfriend stripped at Grantley Adams

(Barbados Nation) A British visitor is demanding an apology from the Immigration Department for what he calls the embarrassing and humiliating ordeal which his Vincentian girlfriend was put through when she arrived at Grantley Adams International Airport last Saturday.

Nick Frandon, 56, said his girlfriend was ordered to take off her clothes and then made to squat repeatedly by two female Customs officers.

“I think it was absolutely disgusting how they treated her especially when there is a big sign at the airport welcoming visitors to Barbados,” an upset Frandon charged.

His 20-year-old girlfriend, Alur Bushay, said she arrived around 5:30 p.m. to join Frandon but never left the airport until about 7 p.m. because she was being held by both police and Customs officials.

The DAILY NATION left a detailed message with the secretary to the Chief Immigration Officer Erene Griffith but up to press time no comment had been forthcoming from Griffith.

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