Barbados’s Rihanna show postponed

(Barbados Nation) BARBADOS WAS hammered by a severe downpour yesterday that not even superstar Rihanna’s Umbrella could shield the country from.

Just one week after tourism officials boasted about the additional flights and an excess of 2 000 tickets purchased by overseas fans for the planned November 1 Rihanna concert, that excitement was virtually washed away with yesterday’s postponement of the Diamonds World Tour event.

Hoteliers, airlines, box offices and other businesses are now in a tailspin as people who had already purchased tickets to fly to Barbados, booked hotel rooms and paid for tickets tried to figure out how they could recover their monies.

Vice-president of the Barbados Association of Masqueraders, Roger Millar, said postponement of the show was “unfortunate for Barbados” and “bad publicity” for the island.

“I know a number of people who were coming in for the show, including some from Antigua, Martinique and Trinidad,” Millar said.


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