Jamaica home robberies being organised from airports – security minister

(Jamaica Observer) Security Minister Peter Bunting on Tuesday confirmed that robberies being committed against Jamaicans who have returned home from overseas are being organised by some employees at the island’s two international airports in collaboration with criminals.

“I know that [the police] are following a number of leads. They have a profile of the criminals and they will soon be making arrests,” said Bunting, who noted that the police have particular interest in one of the two airports.

The Jamaica Observer got word of the scam a few weeks ago from a frequent traveller and started checking the veracity of the information.

“What they are doing is helping people to load their luggage into their vehicles and using the opportunity to make note of their addresses, then pass it on to their criminal colleagues who then conduct the robberies or break-ins,” said the frequent traveller, who opted not to be named.

Bunting confirmed the modus operandi and said, based on his briefing, the culprits could be working at different levels at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay and the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.

In the past few months, criminals have been targeting returning residents across the island, particularly in St James and Manchester where the most recent robbery was committed.

Bunting encouraged administrators at both international airports to ensure that thorough background checks and polygraph tests are conducted on workers in restricted areas.

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