Caribbean Airlines acting Chief Executive quits

(Trinidad Express) Acting chief executive of Caribbean Airlines (CAL) Robert Corbie has resigned with immediate effect from the cash-strapped national carrier.

His resignation comes almost one month after the entire CAL board, chaired by Rabindra Moonan, was sacked by Finance Minister Larry Howai following what were described as breaches in governance. In a statement issued to CAL staff members at about 4 p.m. yesterday, Corbie said he had tendered his resignation on Friday and the board had accepted it effective immediately.  “After 29 years in the aviation industry during which I have seen, learned and experienced much, I close this chapter of my career, with a heavy heart but optimistic outlook. The decision to leave the airline that has been my virtual home for so many years has not come easily, but I do so with the knowledge that my legacy is the strong team at the helm of the operations of the company,” he said.

Corbie, who has acted as chief executive since the departure of former chief executive Capt Ian Brunton in November 2010, observed that the company’s fleet rationalisation, route stabilisation and competitive success are the tenets for a successful organisation.

In a statement on Saturday, CAL chairman Philip Marshall noted that the board agreed to Corbie’s request.

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