Taliban attack breaks months of quiet in Kabul

KABUL,  (Reuters) – The Taliban attacked a convoy of foreign vehicles in Kabul yesteriday with gunfire and a suicide car bomb that was heard across the Afghan capital, the first major incident there since July.

Two Afghan civilians were killed and four others wounded, including children, police sources said. There were no reports that the Taliban – which claimed responsibility – sustained casualties.

The attack started around 5 p.m. (1330 GMT) when a convoy of vehicles belonging to foreign forces was attacked by a suicide bomber in a car, close to Green Village, a residential compound for military contractors and other civilian staff, police sources said.

“First there was an explosion in front of Green Village which destroyed two or three vehicles belonging to foreign forces,” a police official said, declining to specify the nationality of those targeted.

There were conflicting reports about what happened next, but the insurgents did not manage to enter the compound.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on Twitter: “This attack was carried out on a foreign invaders’ convoy and also the important Green Village centre.”

Rumours of an imminent attack in Kabul had been circulating and Germany had closed its embassy as a precaution. Green Village, in a largely industrial part of eastern Kabul, was targeted by insurgents, including suicide bombers, in May 2012.

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