Stabroek News regrets that the last line of the editorial in our edition yesterday (Saturday, September 14) was inadvertently omitted. We reprint below the final paragraph of that leader.

“Rami Khouri, one of the most perceptive political commentators on the Middle East argues that only concerted action by Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United States can determine what happens next in Syria: ‘The governments of these four countries must meet and negotiate regularly with the same diligence that they now apply in sending arms to fighters on both sides in Syria.’ Khouri supports the Russian plan and believes it is a legitimate alternative to the current standoff. He may well be right. But if the incoherence of the international response to date is anything to go by, it seems highly unlikely that such negotiations will ever take place. “Meanwhile, the carnage in Syria and the meaningless diplomatic gestures that disguise the profound impotence of the international community look set to continue unabated.”

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