Does anyone in authority care?

Dear Editor,

A letter by W P George in the SN under the caption, ‘GPL should not be placing more burden on the hard-pressed consumers’ instantly brought back thoughts of the Linden electricity increase protest and made me wonder aloud: what if we (Linden/Region 10) were tied in to the insidious and oppressive national grid (GPL)? As my friend ‘Shrimpy’ would say: “May Jesus be your shepherd.“

Mr George in his letter wrote about an advertisement carried by GPL where a defaulting consumer who has been disconnected will have to pay the reconnection fee plus an increased security deposit equivalent to six times his/her monthly bill! This he sees as ridiculous, and as he very correctly stated: “The person who cannot properly pay his/her bill is the ordinary working class person, who is forever living for next week’s or next month’s pay…    the ordinary labourer whose expenses amount to more than his earnings finds it difficult.” Thus if he/she is already finding it difficult to pay – say $6,000 per month – then where on God’s earth will he/she fork-up $6,000 plus $3,200 plus $36,000?

Does anyone in authority care? Is the brotherhood of man a lost cause, trampled underfoot? This lop-sided arrangement is not only draconian it is oppressive. These are the issues that trade union leaders and others who assume leadership roles purporting to speak on behalf of and representing the working class should spare no time in championing them and arresting these things; their voices should be blaring like trumpets from the mountain top. These are the things against which they must fight, together with us; these are the things they must resist along with us, or we will all end up consuming each other, believe it or not.

These kinds of callous, unconscionable and diabolical polices that are designed for ordinary folks are no dolly house or Sunday school activity, but are very real situations that will keep them on their knees. How could we then hypocritically make loud noises about the increase in crime and pretend to curb the ills of our society by lopping off a few branches here and there as a superficial and cosmetic treatment, making a mockery of things and fools of working class.

Just remember that the tree can’t stand without its roots.

Yours faithfully,
Frank Fyffe

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