Best wishes to Mr Hughes from Rupununi miners

Dear Editor,

The Rupununi Miners Association, at a meeting held on Monday, at which I was honoured to be invited, asked me to extend, on their behalf, to Mr. Nigel Hughes, Attorney-at-Law, best wishes and a speedy recovery. This distinguished son of Guyana was on a visit to the Marudi Mountains to get a first-hand view of the area. He was retained by the miners to fight their cause in the Courts of Guyana.

Mr. Hughes, while in Marudi, displayed all the qualities of a top-notch Attorney. He even ventured into one of the tunnels that the miners work in on a daily basis, thus putting their lives at risk all the time.

Many men have died in those tunnels as a result of cave-ins. The miners also wish to console his family asking them to take strength from this since he was in the line of duty. A soldier has stumbled but not fallen. This should make any opponent tremble, since despite all that is thrown at him, he refuses to go down.

Mr. Nigel Hughes is more than deserving of the title Senior Counsel. Best wishes sir and we wish you well as you fight on. We are with you as well as our prayers.

Yours faithfully,
Carl Parker
Regional Councillor
For the Miners of the Rupununi
Miners Association

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