Suggestions for the Bartica ferry service

Dear Editor,

The Bartica ferry service by T&HD is under heavy stress with food supplies, mining equipment etc for Region 7. I have some suggestions for T&HD’s traffic department.

The Monday ferry return service will not improve because Sunday is not a shopping day in Georgetown.  I suggest: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – return service – Parika-Bartica
Saturday and Sunday usual service.
Monday no service.

As for the Easter weekend I do not know if the organizers made any arrangements for steamer or ferry service.

Here I suggest that two ferries go to Bartica on Saturday 30th March. One should depart at 5am and the other at 9:30am

One should return Sunday 31 March, the other on Monday 1st April.
This would help a lot of persons who would like to take their vehicles with their families to view the Regatta. Lots of families would like to visit Bartica on this very special occasion, Guyana Regatta here in Bartica Region 7

It would be very good for Guyanese, if T&HD agrees with my suggestions and publishes schedules in the newspaper and electronic media.

I do hope very soon, the Bartica Ferry Stelling goes under repairs to accommodate the new roll-on roll-off ferry.

Bartica is improving rapidly. Traffic Department, this will work out surely.

Yours faithfully,
Winston B Miller Snr

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