Primitive conditions on Wakenaam

Dear Editor,

I have exhausted all internal options and I am now publicly venting the residents’ view through this medium before we move to civil disobedience.

Wakenaam has more than 7000 people and has developed massively but yet residents receive primitive treatment. First, electricity is provided from Thursday  16:00hrs to Monday 08:00hrs. The remainder of days we receive electricity from 16:00hrs to 08:00hrs the following day. For simplicity sake, during working hours the island is without electricity. This poses a number of problems e.g. the GT&T telephones don’t work, thus virtual transfer of money via the post office is impossible. Computers in schools are mere ornaments. Maybe this is why our students perform so poorly at CSEC/CXC. The hospital refers patients to West Demerara Hospital and the list goes on. Editor, I have spoken to everyone who works at the GPL Wakenaam outpost and they have all said to me that it is not economically viable to provide the island with continuous electricity. However, they would have vented their disgust with the current system in place and believe strongly that if an additional three hours is considered, it will have no economic implication and residents will be most grateful. Considering this and a survey conducted I am humbly asking the relevant authorities to put the necessary measures in place.

Secondly, no street lights are available on the island. During the election period, His Excellency President Donald Ramotar did say that he would ensure that street lights are placed on the island. This will be a good improvement considering the fact that dangerous snakes and other reptiles constantly sleep on the road. Many residents said that they voted expecting this particular promise to be fulfilled. We await patiently.

Thirdly, the hospital has no proper equipment to provide health services. Many times patients are referred to the West Demerara Hospital which has proven to be very costly, risky and fatiguing notwithstanding the fact that no electricity is also a reason for such referrals.
Fourthly, the roads are in a very deplorable state. Every citizen on this beautiful farmland is disturbed with the standard of the road. I have called the minister (Mr. Robeson Benn) who promised to fix the road but to date nothing has been done.

In conclusion I wish to make reference to the potable water that is provided to residents. There has been no improvement whatsoever with the quality of water. Muddy water comes from the taps and rust is a must. I believe Guyana has gone a far way and no Guyanese should live with the conditions outlined above regardless of their political affiliation hence I am calling on our President and his distinguished team members to rectify these dilemmas urgently. Failing to address these concerns may result in civil disobedience or little or no votes at the next national election.

Yours faithfully,
Ganesh Mahipaul

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