Former presidents stripped of immunity

Dear Editor,

During last month a former President of Zambia, Rupiah Banda, was stripped of immunity from prosecution thus paving the way for investigations into allegations of his abuse of office, corrupt acquisition of public property and misappropriation of public funds.

During March as well, a former President of Guatemala, Rios Montt, who also had immunity, was being tried on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity in relation to massacres of the  civilian population in the  Mayan heartland.. It is interesting to recall that Montt was supported by the US Government and that with regard to the allegations made then against Montt, President Reagan opined that Montt was receiving “a bum rap”. But back to the prospects/fate of  a similar or related kind, of former Presidents; it is open to speculation as to which former President is next.

Yours faithfully,
Rashleigh E. Jackson

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