Condolences on the passing of Dr Ramayya’s wife

Dear Editor,
I write to express belated heartfelt condolences on the passing of the dharam patni of AFC Member of Parliament Dr. Ramayya (Edgar) as he is well known by many of us from the Corentyne.  I was not informed of her passing until Thursday evening as I was in India and have only now returned to New York from my brief sojourn overseas. Mrs. Ramayya was an enormously popular and likeable person. She was a woman of character, honesty and true grit and those who know her well can attest she was more likeable and popular than the good doctor. Many from the US, dozens, including my brother, attended the funeral.  We will miss her enormously and our heartfelt sympathy to doctor-ji.

Yours faithfully,
Vishnu Bisram

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