Mathias’ presentation to the Upper Demerara Football Association was the best

Dear Editor,
I have had the honour and privilege of being afforded the opportunity to listen to all of the  candidates aspiring to be head of the Guyana Football Federation except  for  Mr. Aubrey ‘Shanghai’ Major.

I would have relished the idea of having Mr. Major make his presentation to the general council of the Upper Demerara Football Association, to also share with us his renewed vision and plans for football and its development in Guyana since he has been one of the influential executive figures of the present G.F.F body for a number of years.

This would have also provided us with the opportunity to seek pertinent information on matters of the G.F.F. that the football fraternity and football enthusiasts would like to know, such as the moving of the Guyana-Mexico match from Guyana, the non-payment of our national footballers, the G.F.F’s insurmountable debt and such likes. It is my conscious belief, that Mr. Major unfortunately missed out on a golden opportunity to sell himself and convince the representatives of the U.D.F.A that he is the man for the job.

It would be remiss of me if  I failed to acknowledge how impressive all of the candidates’ presentations were. Mr. King’s valiant effort to persuade the gathering that he will be able to divorce himself from his governmental responsibilities and its influence from the business of the football federation if elected was commendable. His admirable pontification did not however delude my consciousness of how difficult that will be, and the no playing of international cricket in Guyana as a result of government’s intrusion is testimony to that regard. Secondly, Mr. King, as permanent secretary of the ministry of culture, youth and sports is responsible for all sports disciplines and his quest for the headship of this particular discipline causes me to question why, when he has an excellent opportunity to impact all.

Of all of the presenters, I was most impressed with Mr. Matthias’ presentation. His was one of a difference; it did not revolve around the ‘I’, what I would or wouldn’t do. He being cognizant of what is lacking, of what is needed and what should be done to advance Guyana’s football, still saw it fitting to propose what ‘we’ or ‘us’, the general council of the G.F.F as a collective, desire to do for the development of our football. His proposed constitutional reform will feature a shorter term for the president and limiting the dictates of the executives is commendable and would be welcomed by the general council.

It is my belief, judging from Mr. Matthias’ track record as a football administrator that he is undoubtedly the best candidate for the G.F.F top post. He possesses the sagacity, the administrative experience, the vision and testicular fortitude of character that was and is lacking in the G.F.F. I am persuaded that he will be able to harness governmental and corporate support for the advancement of Guyana’s football which will bring a renewed confidence in players, clubs, associations, fans and all stakeholders.
Yours faithfully,
Jermaine Figueira
Upper Demerara Football Association
Executive Member

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