Opposition should seek extra-parliamentary support

Dear Editor,
A few letters ago, I suggested that instead of frequently criticizing Guyana’s parliamentary opposition, President Ramotar might be better off following the example of America’s President Barack Obama who is on a charm-offensive that is aimed at arriving at compromise(s) with republican senators and congressional representatives.

Editor, as the impasse persists in Guyana’s parliament, where the two opposition parties hold a one-seat majority, I am once again impressed to suggest to the APNU combination that it follows the example of President Barack Obama and the democrats, who are investing significant financial and material resources in order to push their legislators to submerge petty and ideological differences and pass measures in America’s congress and senate.

As one witnesses the PPP/C’s unwillingness to respect the will of Guyana’s parliament by using delaying tactics or referring legislative decisions to the courts for resolution, it is time for APNU to do like the American democrats and seek extra-parliamentary support from among Guyana’s masses so that parliament can conduct the people’s business in a positive manner.

Yours faithfully,
Morris Wilson

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