Those who have toiled to make a change have been cast aside and a new breed of opportunist thrives

Dear Editor,
Frederick Kissoon’s letter `Brothers in struggle for human rights under the PNC should have their history written’  SN – 5th March, 2013, was a reminder to me of many the likes of Adeshina who died in semi-poverty.  There are quite a number of examples – I know. This pitiful lot seems to be a constant, part and parcel factored into the play of politics, the political deal of the unlucky/unfortunate, ordinary folks who devoted their time, energy, lost jobs, well-being of self and family and sometimes ultimately their lives for what they perceive – a dream of a better tomorrow and which they went about with much gusto and pride.  Always will the young at heart be bold and daring, with banner held high proclaiming the words of the poet: “We cannot die since the society we are struggling to build is our singing tomorrow.”

Such enthusiasm and zeal were unstoppable, at times a scary joy but never enough to hold them back, and there were indeed sound reasons for such a cause, such a movement, such pulsation.

But there were some who even before the table swung were quick on the uptake; as against those who awoke late to the realization that they were “hooked on a feeling”, an illusion, or perhaps misplaced faith, duped as by a three-card dealer and being too late, quietly resigned themselves to whatever the end-game.

But as against these stalwarts that Kissoon mentioned, I want to say a word on the new type of bumpkins, hustlers that have sprung up attaching themselves like barnacles to the ruling class.  Just look at them strut their strut; they are loud-mouthed with chest raised, brazen and cocky, boasting about their gains from their choice and cherished association.  One proudly told me how he now folds his hands as money from his venture keeps rushing in like a tidal wave, he is in heaven as he compared himself with the pitiful rest who so “long before him” exhausted their time/energy yet have nothing!  Then hypocritically says how saddened he is to see such things even as he mocks their lot in satisfaction that he has flown way beyond them though just arrived.

Still again I have a raspy memory of another ‘sicko’- an individual of similar political link and way of thinking. This weird guy made it his duty to attend the funeral of a brother who  had the misfortune of falling on bad times, himself and the brother had a fallout, so poisoned was his mind against him that even in death he wished the damnedest worst for him.  He waited to witness for himself what he had predicted/expected; that the brother was so impoverished and downtrodden, his funeral had to be pitifully shameful.

But lo and behold! He got a stunning shocker that left him dumfounded.  He couldn’t believe his eyes “am I at the right funeral” was the expression written all over his face; the dead was lying in a kind of regal splendour and got a glorious send-off to his chagrin.  Wit hands akimbo, he looked from side to side, around and around, like someone in a trance.

And this behaviour is what seems to be the hallmark of this new breed of opportunist, gangsters and not just within the PPP, but infested across the board. It’s all a crave, a scramble and often disgustingly so, especially when you hear them discussing, justifying its soundness, and invariably they are so hyped that they can’t stop boasting.

This is what our new political culture has become; those who have exhausted their time to make a change have been unceremoniously cast aside, forgotten and even mocked for their impecunious state, unless they can kowtow in supplication before the powers that be, if not may Jesus be their shepherd.

Yours faithfully,
Frank Fyffe

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