Congratulations to the people of Plaisance

Dear Editor,

I wish to publicly congratulate the people of Plaisance for standing up against the brutality of a greedy and uncaring administration.

What bothers me is that Bishop Juan Edghill a purported man of God seems to ignore the lessons from the Holy Bible, the book that should be his guide, recall during the 2011 Elections Campaign, he knew what our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ would do if he had to cast his vote here, but does he remember.

Bishop Juan Edghill, I recommend one or two things; apologize to the Christian Community or give up your Bishopric in order to faithfully serve the New Master.

The people of Plaisance who live there happily will not be fooled by the likes of Bishop Edghill.

The reality of our world is how history repeats itself.

Yours faithfully,
Hamilton Green, J.P., Mayor

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