Visually impaired pensioner seeking help with fence

Dear Editor,

My name is Laurie Greenidge and I reside at Diamond Housing Scheme. I am visually impaired and also a pensioner.

I have highlighted the problem of cows getting into my yard on a number of occasions because of the lack of fencing.

The cows come into the yard, destroy my plants and break my water pipe on a regular basis.

1 have managed to accumulate some material to build my fence. However, I am still in need of the remainder. I am therefore appealing to members of the public for any assistance in cash or kind to assist me with the putting up of my fence.

The materials needed to complete the fence are as follows:

2 rolls chain link; seven wallaba posts; 250ft. runners.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

I can be contacted on telephone numbers: 642-5632; 216-2957

Thanking you and waiting in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,
Laurie Greenidge

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