Frustrated and disappointed over water situation in Phase 3 Good Hope

Dear Editor,

I would like to also acknowledge the letter published in SN on Saturday, 6th April, ‘No water in Phase 3 Good Hope.’ I started doing preparatory work to begin construction on a plot of land I was awarded by the Ministry of Housing and Water. However, owing to the lack of a water supply I have to buy water every single day, sometimes two tanks. Editor, I have already lost money and time, and now the contractor is threatening to walk off the job since it is impossible to construct a concrete house with no access to water in a timely manner.

I was told by an individual from GWI that the new scheme has not been handed over to the water company, and hence they can’t do anything. I followed up with the Ministry of Housing to ascertain why the delay in handing over the village to the respective agency. A young lady informed me that the ministry doesn’t have to hand over the scheme; water pipes were already planted in the neighbourhood and that what I need to do is form a group of ten villagers and seek an audience with GWI. Editor, I had to tone down this letter so that it can be published, but I am frustrated and disappointed. I hope something can be done as soon as possible or I will be forced to take the Ministry of Housing to court to reclaim my money.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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