Those campaigning for city restoration should include the issue of parking

Dear Editor,

The Stabroek News front page of Thursday, April 4, shows a photograph of another parking lot on Camp Street. Put this against the Sunday Stabroek editorial ‘city changes’ and we can see that we face serious problems about the city.

Now that Parliament has approved the motion unanimously for ‘Restoration of the City’, my hope is that, the question of parking would be addressed, and that some of us campaigning for change would understand that this has to be a feature accepted by all sides, and that we should have the wisdom and maturity to correct past mistakes and do the noble and proper thing, in the interest of restoration of the city.

Thirteen years ago a proposal was made and contained in the Greater Georgetown Development Plan (GGDP), which would have required every new developer in Georgetown to provide either on a ground floor, or elsewhere, sufficient parking for staff and customers.

President Jagdeo led the assault against this proposal at a Cabinet meeting, stating that such action by the municipality would be a disincentive to business.

So, we have these multistoried buildings going up in the business district, and unhappily, also in residential areas, not to mention the government’s refusal to approve proposals over a decade ago.

Yours faithfully,
Hamilton Green, JP

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