Why are notices, vacancies and advisories involving public money not placed in the ‘private print media’?

Dear Editor,

The Sunday Chronicle earlier in March carried the following notices, vacancies and advisories:

1. Ministry of Health – Invitation For Bids;  2.  Ministry of Education – Invitation For Bids; 3.  Ministry of Home Affairs – Vacancies for Guyana Forensic Science Laboratory;  4.  Agricultural Export  Diversification Programme –    ICB No. ADP /06/2013, ICB  No. ADP/03/2013, ICB   No.ADP  03/2013;   5.  GWI – Vacancy;  6. Guyana Oil Company    – Invitation For Bids;  7.  Guyana Rice Development Board – Vacancy;  8. Guyana Geology & Mines Commission – Vacancy;  9.  GWI – Vacancy; 10.  MSH – Vacancy;  11.  National Procurement Tender Board Administration – Agricultural Export Diversification Programme Loan NO. 1479/ b;  12. Guyana Power & Light – Invitation For Bids IFB-13 No. GPL-P1 029- 2013;  13. UN Population Fund -Vacancy Programme Assistant;  14.  Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation – Vacancy;   15.  Ministry of Public Works – Invitation For Bids (1FB);  16.  Lethem Power Company – Invitation For Bids;  17. Ministry of Public Works – Invitation For Bids (IFB); 18. Regional Democratic Council (Region1) – Invitation For Bids (IFB);  19. National Insurance Scheme – i)Pre- Qualification of Service  Providers  ii)Pre-Qualifications of Contractors & Consultants for 2013;    20. National Procurement Tender Administration Board – Invitation for Pre-Qualification

i) Consultancy Services ii) Construction and Rehabilitation of Buildings;  21. Ministry of Labour, Human  Services & Social Security – Invitation For Bids,  Re-tender;  22. Ministry of Home Affairs – Advisory,  Payment of Inducements;  23. Mahdia Power & Light Company c/o NICIL – Invitation For Bids, Transportation Services;  24.  Guyana Oil Company – Invitation For Bids;  25. National Industrial Commercial Investment (NICIL) – Request for Proposals for Leasing and Developing Plantation MonDesir;  26. National Research & Extension Institute –Vacancies;  27.  Guyana Livestock Development Authority – Vacancy;  28.  Ministry of Culture Youth & Sport – Invitation For Bids;  29.  Ministry of Finance – Job Vacancies;  30.  Ministry of Education – Job Vacancies;  31.  Ministry of Home Affairs – Advisory, Sale of Pornographic Material;  32.  Guyana Improving Teacher Education Project, Ministry of Education –     Vacancies;  33.  National Agricultural Research & Extension Institute – Sale by Sealed Tender;  34. Ministry of Tourism, Industry & Commerce Support for Competiveness Programme – Short-term Consultancies;  35.  Ministry of Education – Invitation For Bids;  36. Basic Needs Trust Fund – Invitation to Tender;  37. Basic Needs Trust Fund-Ministry of Finance – Sealed Bids from Suppliers;  38.  Government Technical Institute – Applications to pursue Studies in Academic Year beginning 09.2013;  39. Maritime Administration Department Transport & Harbours Department – Employment Opportunities;  40. Ministry of Home Affairs – Vacancies, Guyana National Computer Response Unit;  41. National Communications Network – Vacancy, Chief Executive Officer.

Is there a legitimate query as to why the above publications do not appear in what is described as the ‘private print media,’ when ‘public’ monies are involved?
If reference to a website is the answer then it controverts the need for circulation in all print media.

Yours faithfully,
E B John

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