Blind spot at Quamina and Camp Streets

Dear Editor,

If one is a defensive driver one would have been aware of the impending danger  of the blind spots we encounter in our daily travels, especially when crossing major roads in the city.  I discovered a new one on the western side of Quamina and Camp Streets. This one is total blindness as motorists park on both sides of the parapet.  As you literally inch your way looking for a safe move the impatient and uncaring drivers hoot their horns, although I remain unmoved until I can see. Ironically there is a blind spot opposite the Brickdam Police Station at Sendall Place and Brickdam.

I respect the discretion that was used by the police last Xmas for parking within the city, but these blind spots are not only illegal but a real danger.

Motorists should be considerate and drive and park responsibly.

Yours faithfully,
V O Patrick

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