Disappointed with restaurant review

Dear Editor,
I read Ms Nelson’s review of German’s Restaurant and am disappointed that ‘The Scene’ carried it without letting the restaurant respond in the same issue.  I do not think that Ms Nelson’s experience is typical.  I had a beef soup up to last week and it was quite tasty, like the one at home.  Although Ms Nelson stated up front that she is not a food critic, to her large readership in the diaspora, she is. She described a US restaurant’s cooking method for curry. Readers may assume that the curry at German’s is also cooked that way, but it is not.  The fish curry there is excellent, one of the best in Georgetown.

I would have liked to have known that Ms Nelson, having had her experience, could have taken it up with the young owners and offered advice. Young entrepreneurs like the Urlings are to be admired and supported.  There is always room for improvement.

Incidentally, I do read Ms Nelson’s columns in ‘The Scene’ and in the Sunday Stabroek and sometimes she too has misses.  I am sometimes dismayed at some bland recipes and wonder if she has lost her sense of taste.  I can look back at this year’s back issues to point out some recipes;  I remember one with cabbage seasoned with just salt and pepper and another with stock made from just water and a cube!  However, I will still continue to read her column and blog and refer to her as one of the more credible authorities on Guyanese food.
Yours faithfully,
Terri Wood

Editor’s note
Responses to a columnist’s views are never carried in the same issue; a column is not a news report, it is an opinion piece.

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