German’s cooking processes and procedures remain the same

Dear Editor,
I wish to comment on the full-page critique of German’s Restaurant by columnist Cynthia Nelson in ‘The Scene’ (Stabroek News, April 13).

Critical commentary on food is subjective and by her own admission she is “not a food critic nor does [she] aspire to be one,” but nonetheless she ventured out to make an exception to offer her critical opinion on German’s foods and processes.

German’s has been in business for fifty-three years and many of our processes and procedures have not changed since its establishment. We stick firmly to recipes and procedures established by my father, Hubert Urling, Snr.  This formula has brought the restaurant much success and continues to do so and I wish to reassure our many customers, and your columnist, that those processes will remain the same now and into the not so foreseeable future.

I would encourage your esteemed non-food critic and connoisseur to return to Guyana and establish a restaurant and prepare her meals and run her operations the way she has a fancy and perhaps Stabroek News will offer me a full page to offer my highly subjective opinion of her cooking.

Yours faithfully,
Clinton Urling

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