Not too late for budget amendments

Dear Editor,

Because of my ongoing concern with the economic and social deterioration of Guyana, I have to side with the comments of the leadership of the two opposition parties ‒ APNU and the AFC  ‒ that the $208.8 billion dollar budget that was recently presented by Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh was lacking in depth and seriousness.

Like the opposition parties’ spokespersons, I believe that a budget should commence with identifying the financial, socio-economic and developmental issues affecting various human and geographic segments of Guyanese society, and proposing allocations to assist with addressing those identified weaknesses and problems.

But Editor, it is not too late for Minister Singh to strengthen his budget presentation; all that has to happen is for him and his colleagues to incorporate the ideas and suggestions coming from the opposition, as well as those from interest groups like the trade union movement and the business community.

Yours faithfully,
Morris Wilson

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