What did the money spent on medical supplies go to?

Dear Editor,

I read in your newspaper of April 12 that a donation of US$400,000 worth of medical supplies was made “to assist in alleviating a recent shortage at the Mahaicony, Suddie, Bartica, Linden and New Amsterdam Hospitals and their outlying health centres.”

As the budget debate is heating up in Parliament, I hope the opposition is taking note. The ruling party has boasted in its speeches about the amount of money being spent on the health sector. The opposition was asking where the billions spent on medical supplies went to. Now we have it!

At the Bartica hospital, the administrator, Ms Ferrier, commented that the donation “was timely and will enable the hospital to continue to supply patients.”

Editor, where have all the billions of dollars in medical supplies this government boasts of having spent, gone to?  I suggest this is an opportunity to do a complete forensic audit to investigate. I hope the Auditor General and the opposition take note.

Yours faithfully,
Deo Persaud

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