Clogged filters reduced water pressure

Dear Editor,

GWI expresses gratitude to your publication for highlighting the complaint by Mr Nyall Jodhan, dated Thursday, April 11 and titled ‘Low water pressure in Chateau Margot.’  Following the publication, GWI’s East Coast Team visited Mr Jodhan to investigate the cause of the low levels of service described in the letter.

The team discovered two filters which were attached to Mr Jodhan’s water service line.  GWI’s team advised that one of the filters may have prevented Mr Jodhan from receiving the required levels of service because it was clogged.  Subsequently, in a conversation with GWI’s Divisional Operations Manager, Orlando Benjamin, Mr Jodhan reported that his water pressure had returned to normal following the cleaning of both filters.

Additionally, customers of Chateau Margot may have experienced intermittent periods of reduced levels of service in the past two weeks due to the relocation of the distribution main on the main access road at La Ressouvenir and Success; these works were part of the construction of the four-lane highway by the Ministry of Public Works.  The relocation of the main has been completed.   GWI customers are urged to contact the company’s Customer Services Call Centre on 227-8701/03/04, via e-mail: or ‘like’ our fan-page available at
Yours faithfully,
Timothy Austin
Public Relations Officer

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